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Let’s face it; sending your kids to school is an expensive task. Every parent and carer goes through the process of purchasing new uniforms, stationery, school shoes, school bags and all the other hidden costs that pop up during the year. With kids going back to school in the next few weeks, we had a look at four easy ways to save on back to school supplies.

  • If they don’t need it don’t buy it

Before heading out to the shops for stationery supplies, check what your child has in their current pencil case. Make a list of what is broken or missing that needs replacing. Most of the time the pencil sharpener they had in their pencil case last year, will work perfectly fine and doesn’t need replacing.

  • Leave the kids at home

Organise a time to go school supply shopping without the kids. It will be much easier to stick to your shopping list and they can’t guilt you into buying a fancier notebook or glitter pens. Leaving them at home will also save you money and time.   

  • Label everything

If your child takes it to school… Label it, from jackets to shirts to pencils. If it’s labelled, it will most likely be returned to your child. This will save you money instead of buying replacement items.

  • Start early

The back to school period is always a busy one at shopping centres and sometimes if you leave it too late all the school supplies are sold out. Getting in early could save you the stress of standing in queues. Some department stores allow you to layby stationery so you’re guaranteed your back to school shopping list.

If you follow these top tips your back to school experience will be a breeze.

For more tips on reducing back to school costs, click here for the ASIC Money Smart Guide.